What People Are Saying About Dr. Bruce Holms

“Bruce was very accommodating for everything that we wanted on short notice. He even drove quite a few miles for us. Since we were by ourselves he even managed to take some beautiful pictures for us.”

Johnna and Bill

Modesto, CA

“Many people tried to talk us out of having an Officiant instead of a minister. There were a lot of family members who were skeptical of a non-denominational wedding ceremony – but we forged through and Dr. Bruce changed the entire feeling within the first few minutes. Everyone was moved by his delivery using quotes from Gibran and other writers. We are very greatful to Dr. Bruce for bringing our family and friends together on this special occasion while at the same time allowing us to develop our very personal vows.”

Victoria and David

Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Bruce Holms was easy and fun to work with. He worked with us to make our ceremony
unique and personal. We loved it!

Diane and Gilead

Santa Barbara, CA

“My husband I had eloped in January because we were both in the military. After awhile it became evident that both families wanted a wedding so we contacted Dr.Holms. He was very easy to work with (our schedules were so chaotic that we had toSkype our meetings) and was not only helpful but very flexible in coming up withsolutions that met our needs. Family and friends were very pleased with the result. Mymother was extremely happy with Dr. Holms and keeps in touch with him to this day.”

Eric and Kim

Santa Barbara, CA

“Dr. Holms prepared a wonderful ceremoial presentation and both of us were verypleased. We got a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our guests – noting that they thought Dr. Bruce Holms was very professional. They would recommend him to their friends as well.”

Allen and Ying

Ojai, CA

“This was a very complicated wedding that included two sets of children from two previous marriages – as well as a bi-coastal relationship (Santa Barbara, CA and Key West, FL), thanks to Bruce we were able to use email and phone calls to create theceremony. He was understanding and easy to work with. The ceremony brought manyto tears and was completely non-denominational! Even my Grandparents (Bible Thumpers)remarked at the beauty of the vows. I recommend Bruce to anyone who wants a ceremony that reflects the needs of the Wedding Couple!”

William and Rachel

Key West, FL