ringsMarriage is ugly, you see the absolute worst in someone.

You see them when they’re mad, sad, being stubborn, when they’re so unlovable they make you scream.

But you also get to see them when they are laughing so hard that tears run down their face…

You see them at 3 AM when the world is asleep – except for you two, and you are eating in the middle of the kitchen floor.

You get to see theĀ  side of them that no one else does – and it is not always pretty. Snorting… farting… bed-head… bad breath… random dancing… anger and joy.

Marriage is not beautiful but it is amazing.

It’s knowing that someone loves you so much that they won’t leave you even though you said something really nasty.

It’s knowing that they have your “back” no matter what.

Fights over stupid things like not doing the dishes or picking up after themselves.

It’s those nights you fall asleep in each others arms feeling like there will never be enough time with them.

It’s cleaning up after them – or just rubbing their back when they’re sick.

It’s the dirties, hardest, most rewarding job there is. Because at the end of the day you get to crawl into bed with your best friend – the weirdest, most annoying, loving, goofy, perfect person that you know.

Marriage is not beautiful – but it’s one “heaven-of-a” ride!