It was a warm sunny California March 17th as I drove up the 101 on my way to Officiate a marriage for two very delightful people. The bride had contacted me about 6 weeks prior to the “day of theĀ  vows” from Modesto (about 280 miles north of Pismo) asking me if I was available for a noon wedding on the beach.

We chatted for about 30 minutes, I confirmed the date, and the bride said she was ready to “go ahead” with the details. It isn’t always that easy – but sometimes you just get a feeling that it’s right – and that’s all there is to the negotiations. So I emailed a contract, she paid with her credit card, and the Wedding Ceremony was “booked”.

About two weeks later a conference call was arranged with the groom, bride, and me discussing theĀ  details of the private ceremony. We would meet at the hotel they were going to stay at and the ceremony would be outside overlooking the Pacific ocean. Logistically, everything was in place except whether or not the weather would cooperate. You see in California (especially in the spring), it can rain for days on end or be warm and sunny – but you never know until you get there.

In this case, the weather was completely cooperative, the ocean was deep blue, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the bride and groom were both excited and relieved. I, of course, had brought my camera and “the ceremony” with me and they provided a witness (the hotel clerk).

The ceremony went on without a hitch, the bride and groom were married, and I was on my way back to Santa Barbara (driving down the 101) with one quick stop at the “Olive Garden” for a late lunch with my beautiful wife of 45 years. She likes to come along for the ride whenever I officiate – I like having her with me.

It’s a really good feeling to bring people together!


That’s me, Dr. Bruce – in the background!